a neighborhood place

voices from community

Lessons from the neighborhood

“Being precise about the setup is an essential task of leadership”   

-Peter Block
(I realized...somewhat after the fact of writing the last post...that while conversations are essential, we must know who to talk to. That is always a wondering...)

Who are the ones we should invite to wonder about and give reference to the development/creation of a neighborhood place?  Who do we want in the room? How do we find them? This a critical element of the setup for the experience of discovery/discernment.

Identifying a core community leader at the beginning will be helpful in naming others who may inform.

Invite folks who, perhaps, have not been invited to this conversation before…not the usual suspects. 

Be willing to be surprised by what shows up.

Invite people who are not used to being together.  Diversity matters for a vibrant reference experience.

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