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voices from community

Repairing the fabric of community

An active, vibrant community is always on the look for space to create; dream; plan; celebrate the life they share; make music, write/listen to poetry; educate.
A decision to gather is always followed by the search to find the “just right” space to serve the purpose of their coming together for what they hope will happen and plan for.

Communities are faced with few choices:

  • To gather in existing neighborhood space that is woefully inadequate and may diminish the experience those gathering are searching for.
  • To go outside the neighborhood to another place that may or may not meet their needs. This choice always carries the burden of time and expense, not to mention the displacement of energy and vitality to another place.
  • To make a commitment to co-create communal space/place for the neighborhood that holds the possibility of meeting the greatest numbers needs for its members and stakeholders.

While every community and neighborhood have different needs, the leaders, teachers and visionaries of those places have big dreams and desires for their neighborhoods. Most often they have limited resources, experience, and/or tools available to them for creating and developing neighborhood places. Also, most are focused on providing one service or experience and not how they can leverage associations with other like persons to find better solutions to their space needs.
What these individuals and groups have in common is a need for these space resources to be within their budget restrictions. This need to keep costs under tight control is the single biggest factor in the long-term survival of these groups and efforts.
Within the context of a vibrant community, many groups and social entrepreneurs, exist to facilitate the creation of space for belonging, relatedness and community.
What is needed is a way for the needs and facilities to find a place to communicate.

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