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The Context for a Restorative Community

The existing community context is one that markets fear, assigns fault, and worships self-interest. This context supports the belief that the future will be improved with new laws, more oversight, and stronger leadership.

We seek to create a new context that restores community as one of possibility, generosity, and gifts, rather than one of fear, mistakes, and self-interest. Citizens of the new community become powerful when they choose to shift the context within which they act in the world.

The words above are paraphrased from author Peter Block in his book, Community: The Structure of Belonging. The works of Block, as well as the writings of Christopher Alexander, Werner Erhard, and Robert Putnam were the binding inspiration behind the origins of A Neighborhood Place (ANP). These works all place a premium on changing the context of our communities and creating the possibility for citizens to come together in places that support that effort not only in intention, but in design.

We of ANP have not only watched but have been intimately involved with communities in search of life and connectedness. We have seen how groups find and create spaces for neighborhood involvement and activity that go beyond the building of venues for music, or swimming pools, or fitness clubs. New life is born when doors are opened to all the members of a community and they are asked, “What can you create together for the sustenance of the community?”

Today, in midst of pandemic, dislocation, and fear, the path toward community seems overwhelmed with peril. Yet, we invite all to join in the discussions needed to create the restorative community. A Neighborhood Place is not us, it is you.